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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Alive and Kicking :)

It has been completely impossible to get to the library by myself with no kids and, let me tell you, blogging with kids around in a quiet atmosphere is impossible (well, at least keeping them quiet is..). It truly is a miracle that I'm here now and is absolutely the act of a merciful, wonderful husband. Joe has been sick with an ear infection that is seriously kicking his bum since Friday night and I REALLY needed to get out of the house because I've been living and breathing sickness in my home. Kathrynn was a little under the weather Sunday and Monday, but is better now, thank goodness, so it's been a fun few days.

Other than the current state of health in our family, we are doing GREAT! You know, I was really nervous about Ogden before we moved here, but I just love it! Our house is darling (now that it has an air conditioner and reliable furnace and proper electricity - yea for being able to use our dryer!) and we love it and our ward is just awesome! We have the most down to earth, warm people around us - we really love it here. It's been a billion times easier for me to make friends here than it has been in any ward we've been in. Joe's in a mom-run preschool that those of us who have 3 and 4 year olds have put together and is just thriving in it.
Kathrynn is growing and growing and spunkier than ever. We had a little health scare about 6 weeks ago - she had a stomach virus that sent her to the hospital. It was a terrifying experience and left her with some severe separation anxiety, but we got through it and I love her more than I ever imagined I could.

Let's see.. what else can I post really really fast? We got our first snow this last weekend - totally insane. We got like 6-8 inches at our house. It's all gone now. It was like 88 degrees 2 weeks ago. It's amazing what the weather does here.

Life internet free has actually been kind of blissful, though I have stunk at keeping in touch with everyone (well, anyone). It's amazing where my times goes now and how well my house is kept and how happy my kids are. And, I actually have some fun hobbies now - love it!

Hope you're all well! I'll post another update whenever I can pull myself away from my kids again. :)