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Thursday, September 17, 2009

My New Food Blog

I love to cook and I really enjoy trying out new recipes regularly, so I decided to start up a new food blog. It can be found here -->



Tara said...


Sandra said...

I tried to post a reply on your food blog and it wouldn't let me. I'm excited to see what fun things you're making. I haven't been cooking for the past year with the pregnancy and everything else that happened and am just now getting back into it and am finding it really hard to get back into a rythm so I am looking for inspiration wherever I can find it. I am also trying to lose the 23 pounds I gained on my last migraine medication so I am looking for healthy recipes. I am looking forward to seeing what you are making!

Julie said...

Sandra - I fixed it so you can leave comments - it was set so that only registered users could do it and was just a huge pain in the bum for anyone who would want to comment, but all is fixed now. :)
Hope you're able to find something good on there! :)

Anonymous said...

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