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Thursday, October 15, 2009


So, I have this dream. I want to find a cabin somewhere and lock myself in for an entire weekend and do nothing but make stuff. I have so many ambitions - so many new things I want to try, cute little things I want to make for my kids, quilts to sew, cutesy little kitchen towels to make... the list goes on and on. BUT I have a house that I need to keep clean, 2 kids who starve for my attention even though they are far from being attention-starved by any shape of the imagination, a needy dog, a spoiled cat, and a husband who works harder than any living being should... oh, and that whole daycare thing I'm trying to get up and running.. more on that later. (Need an awesome daycare?! I know of one!!!)
OK, maybe I need to lock myself up for a week.. or a month.. oh, but what would happen to my house? Or I could just stop sleeping. I've actually considered that.
Anyway. I saw these tonight and almost DIED.

Let me just say that having a little girl has forever shifted my ambition to make cute little crafty things. I REALLY want to make these!!! They are SO CUTE!! I got it at this website - Little Birdie Secrets. Awesome awesome awesome blog that walks you through - or at least points you to someone who will - darling projects.
Insomnia for the purpose of making cutesy little things, here I come! :)


The Ringleins said...

I've checked out Little Birdie Secrets before and they've got lots of cute careful though, you can spend quite a bit of time browsing all the cute stuff on their blog and don't start clicking on the links off all the blogs she likes or you'll really be in trouble. You think one little girl is bad, try three!

Mom said...

Those are cute. Let me know if you get them made. Take a picture and show us how they turned out.