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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update. Update.

I just got the kids to bed and was on the way back upstairs to do a little bit of clean up and some working out when I realized how much I've missed my blog. So, I'm going to squeeze in a little somethin' here so you can all know that we are all still alive and well.

What we've been up to (again)...

  • Hardest worker in the universe.
  • Still working full time and going to school nearly full time and taking on a part time job on top of all of that.
  • Has been forcing me to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation during the times when he is home.
  • Is the sweetest, most thoughtful, extremely patient man imaginable - I'm so lucky to have him - we'll be celebrating 7 years next week!
  • Surprised me with a copy of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
  • Has been conditioned to fall asleep during Star Trek, no matter what time of day it's on.
  • Day Care is up and running - I have 4 kids in my care - all under the age of two.
  • Will go gray within the next two years, I'm sure.
  • Is exhausted.
  • Has tinkered with the above mentioned cookbook a bit and LOVES it!
  • Pinched her dang sciatic again a couple of weeks ago and recovery has been frustrating, to say the least.
  • Is juggling everything remarkably - I'm not sure how, but everything's getting done.
  • Really looking forward to our upcoming anniversary - need that date night!

  • Busy being a4th grader and super cute.
  • Absolute lazy bum.
  • Is making the dog's life a little more endurable.
  • But, still enjoys cornering him and listening to him whine until one of us comes to the rescue.
  • Biggest sweetheart in the universe!
  • Just found out he got into The Ogden Preparatory Academy for next year and will be there with a bunch of his little friends.
  • Wrote and illustrated a book today. Very cute and pretty creative.
  • Runs laps inside the house everyday - I think he's as ready for spring as I am.
  • Growing more and more beautiful each day.
  • Is still a professional two year old - she's living it to the fullest.
  • Has officially entered the 'best friend' phase.
  • Says words like "actually," "extremely," and "absolutely."
Chu Chu
  • Is being a good dog, finally.
  • We love him.
  • Looks good in dog sweaters.
  • Quite often doubles as a vacuum cleaner.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Too funny about Star Trek, Joe just finished that phase of life, I think he watched them all...the whole series of generation with the kids. He got his gall bladder taken out at the end of last year and he made me rent every Star Trek movie ever made for him to watch during recovery...good times. (not so much) He did promise Steven an hour of board games for every movie he watched with him so that was a good side benefit. It sounds like everything is super busy and you are all doing well. Good to hear.