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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recap: Joe's First Day of School

Joe started Kindergarten this year and was SO excited - he was counting the days for months.

Showing off his super-cool Toy Story shoes. By the way, that is his 'too cool for school' face.. he was talking all morning about how all of the girls were going to fall in love with him. :)

With Kathrynn. Don't you just love how she looks like a little mommy? :)

With Mommy.

Heading out the door.

I have to say, I did very well for sending my oldest child off on his first day of school - didn't cry at all when I dropped him off. I got it all out of my system the night before. :) I felt much better when I saw other parents - even dads - getting choked up in the classroom. Joseph has LOVED school and is doing VERY well. And though not all of the girls in class want to marry him, he does have is very first crush on a very cute girl. :)

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Such a big milestone, going to school. Congratulations Joe! Our daughter Eden started Kindergarden this year too. Love your favorite picture.