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Monday, January 21, 2008

Rang in the New Year with a BANG!

My blog's been a little quiet this last month and that's mostly because there's been so much going on with my family, providing me with very little time to sit down and post anything.. or little brain power. I DO plan on updating everything on here soon -- my camera maxed out today, so I need to get all of those pictures on my computer and up on the blog.
Christmas came and went and was great - I was given about 2 weeks off from work and I loved the time home with everyone... a little too much. I broke into tears the morning I had to go back to work and could barely tolerate the day without the kids.. one thing led to another (with several other factors that I just won't bring up on here), and I quit my job last week. Stay at home mom again and have never appreciated it nearly as much as I do now.
Given the lack of employment on my part, we've decided to move back to Logan next month. Still looking for a place up there, but have something narrowed down and are hoping it comes through. It will be temporary until our renters' in our San Antonio house lease is up and our house is sold.. and then we'll hopefully get a house up here.
The changes and experiences we've had leading up to this have been a huge whirlwind and Steve and I both are still kind of taken aback from it. But, I can honestly say, there have been few other times that I've ever seen the Lord's hand so firmly and deliberately direct the path of my life.
The kids love having me home again. Joseph's had an incredibly hard time being away from me during the day and is happier than we've seen him since we've moved from San Antonio.
Things are going well. Lots of things still up in the air. We'll keep you all updated as things transpire.

Hope you're having a wonderful new year and that those of you in Texas are enjoying the warmth!! We got over a foot of snow today and I'm getting rather sick of it. :) The novelty of it's even worn off for Joseph, and that's saying a lot.

1 comment:

Kara said...

You should just leave the snow behind and come back to texas where it almost never snows. :) j/k

I'm glad that you had a good Christmas, and I know that all the changes will (eventually) be for the best. Isn't that how it usually works out?

Miss you! :) Kara