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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Teaching Kathrynn to Self-Feed

Kathrynn is unlike any baby I've ever met - she doesn't put ANYTHING in her mouth. OK, she occassionally gives stuffed animals kisses, but that's the extend of it. Nothing goes in the mouth. I know what you're thinking - it's a total blessing. But, we do have one obstacle with this - teaching this girl to feed herself. She loves cereal and crackers, but the only way she'll take them is if I put them directly in her mouth for her. So, I've been working on teaching her that it's OK to put food in her mouth with biter biscuits, which are a family affair - I'm the only person who doesn't eat them in our household - Steve's gone through an entire box on his own! :) So, here's the documentation of Kathrynn's first biter biscuit. Enjoy!

Joseph got in on the action, too..

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