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Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Little Guy

This is Joe. He's 3 1/2. And, he actually set the table like this all by himself.

Joe is a really unique little guy and I absolutely love the qualities that make him that way. He's very neat. He likes things clean. He actually cleans his room - without being asked - and other rooms in the house. He once yelled at me because a room was a mess (it was winter and Steve came in exhausted and just peeled his winter gear off and threw it on the floor). He LOVES to help around the house. He puts dishes away - mostly containers, pots and pans and silverware (which he gets in the right slots). He helps with laundry - he even folds clothes with me. He takes his shoes off before he gets on a bed or couch. Last night he even helped me bring groceries in and put them away.
Aside from the cleanliness, he's also very sweet and compassionate. He's been very aware of my finger and is so sad that I have an owie.
He really is everything I hoped for in a little boy when I was pregnant with him. He's going to make some woman VERY happy when he's all grown up. :)


Margie said...

He is such a doll. Let's hope he keeps all of these qualities when he reaches teenage life. You don't really see too many little boys who wants to help so much. You have a right to be proud of him.
Love you and miss you

Sarah said...

And he's such a beautiful boy! How awesome to have such cool attributes as a little one. Hopefully they stick as he grows up!

crystal said...

what a sweetie! even if he has some bad teenage moments he will return to his sweet personality! your very lucky.

Tara said...

I found you in the blogging world! Now we can be blogging buddies! Where are you guys at now?