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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our New Home

...well, new to us. :) The house actually falls under the 'vintage' category - it was built in 1924 and is in excellent condition and is just darling.
Ugh, I wish I could photoshop myself out of that picture.. I've gotten pudgy this year. I'm currently negotiating gym memberships with Steve. :) Anyway...

What are we doing moving again, you ask? Well, we can't very well stay settled in one place for more than a few months, can we?! ;-)

No, we decided that it was FINALLY time to get closer to Steve's work, so we decided to move to Ogden. We're not moving into the high-crime zone, but we're not in the happy-valley-esq parts of Ogden, either. It reminds us a lot of San Antonio, which is good. The whole Mayberry feel of everywhere we've lived in Utah has been almost creepy for us and made us feel like we're in the Twilight Zone. :) We're excited for the diversity and the humility that we're expecting out of the area and the opportunities to serve and help make the place better. That being said, it is still a pretty nice area - it's quiet and everyone we've come across has been very friendly.

We close on our house TODAY! We're way excited. We move in on Saturday and that will be the final move for YEARS, thank you very much. :)

We've decided to shut off our internet during the move. Shut it off for good. It's too distracting for our family and we have some goals that we'd like to reach and just don't need it around. Don't worry, the library has computers. I'll still update the blog when I get a chance. I'll email all of those of you whose email addresses I have our new address and phone number (though please don't call for the first week unless you want to talk to stressed-out-Julie - she's not as nice as normal Julie). If you don't get an email, post your email address in the comments (I'll delete it as soon as I see it), and I'll send it to you, too.

So, how about a tour?

This is our front door.

We bought the house from flippers (who are the nicest people ever) and they put in this seriously luxurious carpet with a massive pad under it. You could seriously sleep on the floor comfortably. :)

View out living room window:

Other cute little windows in our living room:

This is the view from the living room into the dining room. We have a huge dining room - something that really sold me on this house.

The arch is from when the house was originally built - you see those a lot in the 1920s houses up here. I LOVE the windows in this house. They're original, too, and have that sagging that the old windows do, which I think is way cool. I love how they swing open - just too cool! :)

Here's a better view of the dining room window (though, all of the windows open like this).

That's the wife of the couple we're buying the house from.. and me and the little munchkin.. she's getting SO BIG!!!

This is our kitchen. We DO plan on doing a lot to this room.

The upper cabinets are antique. I'm still not sure if we're keeping them in the long run. We plan on pretty much ripping everything out and making a U-shaped kitchen, and it will probably be impossible to match those cabinets.. I don't know, I think the space will be worth it.

Kitchen going into the dining room:

Here's the other side of the kitchen, with the pantry, cute little spice cabinets which were part of the original house (which we will ultimately be ripping out for our new kitchen), and a door to the mudroom and basement.

This is the corner of our bedroom - some of the antique hardware is still on the doors.

Kathrynn's room:

View into the bathroom.

It's teeny and there's only one, but we have room downstairs to add another if we need to.

The showerhead that I'm ridiculously giddy over..

Window in the mudroom looking out to the backyard. We have massive plans for the yard, too.

Stairs down to the basement; door going outside:

Unfinished part of the basement. We've thrown around ideas to make this into a craft area for me..

Joe and Drew's room:

This is only half of the room. It's insanely huge. So is the closet. It goes down the length of the room. I think it was originally meant to be the master bedroom, but it doesn't meet Steve's height requirement. :) He can't stand perfectly upright in this room.

So, there you have it. :)


Paige Sinclair said...

Have fun living in is a pretty dirty city. We lived there for 3 years. I love your house by the way. If you want to shop make sure you go to Riverdale - tons of new stores!!

Sandra said...

What a cute house! I'm so excited for you guys that you're moving to Ogden and I'm totally jealous of Steve's shorter commute!

Julie said...

Sandra - I'd bet Ogden's closer to Joe's work, too.. hint, hint, wink, wink.. :)

Crystal and Dustun said...

i think the house looks so beautiful i love the arches! next time i am in Utah I'll have to stop by. that is if your not in the middle of a move AGAIN!

Sandra said...

Oh, Julie, I totally know it! I want to move that direction so badly but we love where we are so much. Our ward is awesome beyond compare and Steven is starting high school in August and has a bunch of really good kids in the ward that he hangs out with. (all the time!!) Jacob also has a really good group of friends and is in Jr. High. It's something we've been thinking about a lot, we just don't know if we could do that to our kids.

Sandra said...

I need to add, we might not have a choice with the way gas prices are going. It may get cheaper to move to a more expensive house in Salt Lake to avoid a 45 minute commute every day.

janell hargrave said...

Julie love your house. So cute. Hope your move goes well and you get settled quick. I dont think you have my email so i will give it to. I would love to stay in touch. It is we miss you and wish the best for your family.

Margie said...

I like the house. I love the arches and the windows. I really do like old vintage houses. The kitchen looks like a good size. It looks like you'll have lots of fun putting your own personalities in this house.
Love you, miss you

Rosanna said...

I really like your house! It's so cute! I had no idea you were moving, but it sounds like it's a great move for you. I have another friend that lives in Ogden, so now I definitely have an excuse to go there!

Amber said...

Your house is so cute, but I can't help but tell you that I drove by your old house yesterday and cried. I am so excited for you and can't wait to come see your new house, but it just hit me that one of my best friends is not just around the block anymore. What an exciting move!

Emily said...

Sooooo nice! Our first house was built in 1927 and totally reminds me of yours. It's seriously beautiful!

I hear you about the internet thing. I wish I could just turn it off for good, imagine what I could accomplish!