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Friday, April 10, 2009

Just Let it All Out

So, today's definitely a tantrum day for Katie. She's two and making sure we're ever-aware of it every second of the day. Today's tantrums, so far, have consisted of (this is in the last 3 hours alone..)
1. Waking up
2. Wanting a pillow on the couch
3. Wanting a second pillow on the couch
4. Wanting a third pillow on the couch
5. The frustration of not being able to fit on the couch with so many pillows
6. A pillow falling off
7. Being put back in her bed for the ridiculous tantrums
8. The fact that I went into the bathroom and actually shut the door *gasp*
9. Something that happened downstairs with Joe that I didn't really bother to check on because I'm a little burnt out on the tantrums already this morning
10. Wanting to play with Cootie
11. Wanting eyes on the Cootie
12. Wanting the eyes off of the Cootie
13. Wanting to move the shampoo bottle
14. Being put back in her room for even more ridiculous tantrums
15. Blocking the door when I tried to open it to let her out

And now we're calm.. for now. I give it 15 minutes. Is it a full moon or something? Maybe the psychotic weather changes. Probably no rhyme or reason. She's just 2.
I've been doing what the pediatrician suggested and just let the tantrums take their course and not reinforce bad behavior. It's just getting a bit ridiculous.


Rebex said...

Aww, the terrific two's. Hang in there! :)

Mom said...

Sounds like little Katie is making up for Joe's easy time.
Happy Easter
Love you, mom.

Julie said...

You couldn't have said it better, Mom! :)