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Friday, November 2, 2007

My Little Boy's Becoming a Man

So, Joseph's Halloween got completely shot this year. It was going to be his first Halloween trick or treating, and I, at least, was pretty psyched about it. He was going to be a totally cute cowboy. He ended up being a sad little cowboy with croup. Ugh. He hasn't been sick in a very long time, so it was interesting to see how much he's 'matured' since the last time. He's definitely becoming a man.
The first thing that caught my attention was when we walked in the door after I picked him up from school. Kathrynn was squealing happily, when Joseph turned to her and yelled "Be Quiet!" with a scowl. He then proceeded to sit at Steve's computer to watch his favorite movie, Madagascar. I hooked him up with goldfish crackers and water, which were easily in reach on the desk, but instead I heard a moan and "fish! fish!" So, I handed him his fish. Next was "ugh.. water!" So, I gave him his water.
This has carried on throughout the last few days since he's been ill. He's been feeling much better today, which proved to me that he's milking this sick thing for all it's got. Everything is accompanied by a moan. "ugh.. shoes" "ugh.. tickle" And then as he went to bed, in his most pathetic voice possible, "night-night Kathrynn." And, after prayers, as he's crawling into bed, he kept saying "amen" over and over in this voice that would make you think it was to be his last word if you didn't know him any better.
He's definitely mastered the "I'm sick, I need as much sympathy as you can muster" bit. Yes, he's learning to be a man. :) Oh, they grow up so quickly...

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