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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Joseph's Birthday Party

OK.. there are like 200 pictures in my camera of Joseph's party, so I'll try to condense it down a bit...

He LOVES trains right now, so I decided to make a choo choo train cupcake cake for his birthday this year - he LOVED it (and actually got that it was a train!).

Blowing out the candles (by himself!)

...and picking his nose...

Being silly (notice, he put an olive on top of his cupcake.. yum!)

Patiently watching Daddy get his new Tigger out of the box (from Grandma Paulson).

His new super cool "crash car" (it vrooms, drives, then crashes)from Aunt Liisa.

Yeah! A new flashlight! Joseph LOVES flashlights..

He loves his new Tigger spinny brush from Drew.

New HotWheels from Mommy.

He loves the piano book Grandma Margie sent him.

Daddy gave him Army men and cowboys and Indians - these were definite winners!

Kathrynn looks bored..

Mommy got Joseph Cootie so we can start playing games together..

Grandma Paulson got him a cool new backpack!

Joseph telling me to stop taking pictures. :)

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