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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

By the way, that was NOT an announcement!

I know how some of you are.. the word "pregnancy" pops out of my mouth and you instantly think I'm expecting. Nope, not so. :) I can just thoroughly empathize with that article as I am still suffering memory loss, 10 1/2 months postpartum..

Don't expect any such announcement for several years. I'll at least have Kathrynn potty trained before there's another little Paulson running around. :)


Sally said...

Hi Julie! I left a comment elsewhere, but in case you don't find it--Thanks for finding us! It's good to see you guys are doing well! Your kids are so cute--But I can't figure out who Drew is? And where's the pics of you and hubby? :D (I love your background, by the way!!)

Paulson Party said...

Hi Sally! :) Drew's my stepdaughter - she's why we moved up to Utah.
I know this blog is totally kid-centric, but there are some good pics of Steve in November that everyone seems to enjoy. :)
I got my background from cutest blogs on the block (there's a link on my blog) - they have tons of cute background and they're all free. :)
Soo glad to hear from you guys!!!