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Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes, We are Completely Insane.. But, on the Plus Side, I ROCK! :)

So, we're moving, again.. I KNOW - WE'RE NUTS! We just did this a month ago, but it turns out the apartment we moved into is really a party apartment complex and not a good place to live if you have small children and actually want them to sleep. We've been surrounded by neighbors who LOVE their music and either love it too much, or are losing their hearing because they play it LOUD. Shaking appliances loud. Waking deeply sleeping children loud. On one occassion, I'm pretty convinced it was at the top volume level - I've never heard anything like it. So we talked to our landlord and he offered to move us into a house (with 3 bedrooms - yea!). Funny story about this house is that we're friends with the old tenants and that it's in Steve's parents' ward and about a billion people approached us on our last visit to that ward telling us we should live there. So, we will be - tomorrow.
The amazing part about all of this is that I got everything packed up in less than 24 hours. AWESOME, huh? :) I'm really proud of myself and really relieved that it's all done. I guess it's a lot easier to pack when you unpacked only a month ago and everything's still super organized. I also created a new system with all of the kids' toys - they're in storage boxes with the lids off so all we have to do with their stuff is pop the lids on those babies and we're done. Amazing how much time that saved me.
So, I just had to share this rather embarrassing/exciting information with all of you. I'll post pictures of our new home when we're settled. :)


Sarah said...

Yes. You are insane, but we like you that way. I'm so glad you're getting out of a crazy uncool environment...and a house!!! Yay!! Congrats! (So that's why you stole my trashcan. I see.)

Kara said...

I hope you can actually settle in this time. :)

Can you send me your mailing address?

:) Kara