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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Biggest Loser

So, I have a new addiction - I LOVE to watch The Biggest Loser and totally look forward to Tuesdays now so I can watch it. It's actually been really good for me and totally motivating and I've lost more weight while watching it this season than I've been able to all year.
There is, however, a thorn in the side of the show. Her name is Vicky. She's pure evil. Steve and I look forward to her elimination with elation.
I saw a video on Yahoo this morning about her that sums it all up. I seriously had to share it with you all.


Kara said...

great video!! i just loved the ending!

it will be very late tonight when I'm done watching tonight's episode. I'm hosting a book club meeting for my ward at my house... So I'll watch it when that's over. :)

Sandra said...

I agree! I hate Vicky, I can't believe Amy didn't vote her off when she had the chance. Before Heba and Ed were right there with her but I think they've realized just how evil she is and they are just biding their time until they can get rid of her. I have been dying for someone to talk to about this show, Joe won't watch it with me and I don't know anyone else watching it. I won't watch tonights show until tomorrow but I can't wait to see what happens next.

Kara said...

I was so under-whelmed by today's show! Yawn!! I thought the makeovers were lame, and Tyra was horrible.

I just want Vicky to go away! They should have cut horns into her hair. She is the devil, after all.

Julie said...

Kara! :) hahaha
I kind of liked it - it made me a little weepy for some reason, though. I was really sad that Renee got booted.
Though, I did want to just push Vicky off that thing during the challenge - I totally agree with Michelle, she was just trying to steal the spotlight. Just a little ridiculous.

Sandra said...

The total highlight of last nights show was when Heba (I think it was her) fit into the size 14 dress. It may have been someone else....I was babysitting while I watched so I was distracted. Anyway, seeing how happy she was when she actually fit into that size 14 when she thought it wouldn't even go over her head. That was pure awesome!