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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Christmas Village

Ogden has the coolest thing ever - this little Christmas Village in the heart of town. It's a bunch of small houses decorated for Christmas and is just so festive and cute!

Joe's preschool went to the Christmas Village last Friday and I was able to get a few pictures - though they don't do it justice. First, it was daytime, so no lights, and second, I took the not-so-great camera with me because I didn't trust myself with the nice one while toting around 2 kids and trying to keep like 10 others under control with the other moms.

Here's Joe enjoying his freedom and running around like a maniac. :)

This is a little Elf Chapel of Love. :)

This is Mrs. Clause. She gave the tour. Very patient woman. :)

Here's a series of pictures as we were trying to get a decent group shot of the preschool. It just turned into a bunch of pictures of the moms trying to corral all of the kids. I was cracking up the entire time. :)

This was my favorite house - a little diner where some snowmen went to eat, but the middle one had chili, and, well, you see the results. I love the looks on the other snowmen's faces.

And, um, yeah... Kathrynn has pretty bad stranger anxiety right now.

And here they are, subdued with candy and ready to go home. :)

1 comment:

Crystal and Dustun said...

I love Joe's face with Mrs. clause, he looks like yea whatever, and Kathrynn well lets just say priceless