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Thursday, December 18, 2008

When it Rains, It Pours

I took my kids to the doctor today because they've both been a little under the weather with coughs and sniffles and complaints. I was really hesitant to go earlier because I've gotten so much flack about being an overprotective mom. Well, I don't care anymore. I'm going to be overprotective and anyone who has a problem with that can just deal with it. :)

Turns out both of them have tonsillitis. Joe's is pretty intense and on the edge of being something serious. Joe also has croup. And Kathrynn also has both an ear infection and a sinus infection. Keep in mind, I HAVE kept them both home since the first sign of any illness showed up, I didn't want to cause any other kids to get sick.

I've pretty much had it. It's been a REALLY long time since we've had a problem with illness in our house, but since September we have invested hundreds - I mean HUNDREDS of dollars in our kids and their illnesses. And it is almost always because another parent was too free to let their sick kid interact with other kids at preschool, playgroups, and church. Kathrynn was hospitalized with a nasty stomach virus because she played with a boy who had been throwing up the day before (I found out after the play date). Joe spent all of his birthday and Thanksgiving unable to keep anything down because he played with a boy who announced the very next day at church "I threw up last night," after his parents had assured me that he was no longer sick.

And now, both kids are just suffering because of much of the same. I've had it. I'm seriously considering keeping them under quarantine for the next couple of months. I know, that's just ridiculous, but seriously, if you have a sick kid, KEEP HIM HOME!!!

I don't get it! I keep my kids home whenever they seem sick and I'm being overprotective. How did doing something good become perceived as bad and why do all of these moms who send their sick kids out and about think that they're some kind of supermom for doing this?

Anyway, that's my rant to the blogging world. Here's hoping that both Joe and Kathrynn are better by Christmas. We've had way too many special events ruined because of things like this.


Sandra said...

Oh, poor babies! I hope they both get feeling better really fast. I totally hear you on the "keep sick kids home" thing. And I'm also way overprotective of my boys. But, once they get older I have become more of a slacker. It's so hard to know when your kids are faking and I have to admit I sent Sam to school with strep throat last month. He was sick one day, I took him to the doctor and his strep came back negative so they ran the 24 hour test. The next morning he felt fine so I sent him to school. When I picked him up he had been feeling sick and so I called to see if they had the results of the 24 hour test yet...yup, positive. I felt bad but it was a totally innocent mistake! I apologize to you on behalf of all the mommies who take their sick kids out to interact with other kids.

Julie said...

Oh, Sandra, I understand. If I hadn't taken the kids to the doctor I totally wouldn't have known they're as sick as they are - they run around like little maniacs. I think I'm just frustrated with the moms who are out in public, holding their sick child, and talking about how they threw up just a few hours ago or how they have the flu. It's just really frustrating. :)

Rebex said...

So sad! How are your little ones now? Better, I hope?

Julie said...

They got better but Joseph's sick with croup again.. got if from someone at church, we think. :-S