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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Great Picture Dump

I've been meaning to post pictures FOREVER, but haven't been able to take the time to download everything on both of our cameras. We have two cameras now - a really nice one, and the one we got when we found out we were pregnant with Joe, so organizing the pictures is a little more complicated now. Anyway, here they are. Enjoy! :)

I'm in love with these aprons! My friend Sandra made them for me and the girls and I wear mine all of the time. Whenever I put it on, Kathrynn immediately reaches for hers and has to have hers on too. :)

Our Christmas Tree:

These are the stocking I made for the kids this year:

Santa came!

Steve and Kathrynn Christmas morning.

Gandalf hiding under some wrapping paper.

We went up to Logan on Christmas day and got snowed in for a few days - 18 inches of snow! Check out these icicles!

We got a new vacuum cleaner and Drew decided to make a train out of it. She named it the "Lightening Bolt Train," but when I looked at it I thought it said the "Shining Butt Train." We all got a really big laugh out of it. :)

The kids are becoming such good friends!

My little monkey.

I think there's a picture of me just like this when I was Kathrynn's age.. I think I was even wearing a similar sweater. I need to find that picture! I guess we had the same obsession with hats. :)

Joseph is very intelligent with conceptual activities - here he make a picture of "Mommy, Daddy, Joseph and Kathrynn."

I love it when Kathrynn reads to her bear - it's so sweet! :)

What a good sport!

This was my first attempt at a funky hairstyle on Kathrynn. I thought it was really cute and it actually stayed in the entire day. :)

This is Kathrynn saying "Cheese." You can see her spunk oozing out. :) Incidentally, this picture led to her raiding the fridge for cheese. :)


Sally said...

Wow, so many "Awwww" pics! :) Thanks for sharing! Your kids are darling. And I really think Kathrynn looks SO much like you!

Emily said...

Fun pics! Your kids are adorable and it looks like you had fun holidays. I love the train.