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Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Budding Musician

I had to make this a separate post because I just love this video! Steve's mom has some ukuleles at her house and Joe will pick them up and strum and sing. I love it when he does that! I'm so grateful to have music in our home. :)


Smile said...

Fun stuff!! Hey- do you guys do super bowl "parties"? If so, do you have plans? we aren't doing much, but eating and watching the game we'd love to have you over. If not, sorry, you can think evil thoughts of us if you want to!!! :)-- Suzie McKeon

Valerie Teeter said...


Thank you so much for writing to me on my post! Your words are embedded in my heart and count on me reading them daily! i love all the memories I had in the church and do know that I am on the right path back. I am nervous...not for me but for my husband. He is supportive but not interested in the church...but we all know how powerful prayer can be. maybe it will happen one day. I love you Julie, you have an amazing strength, always have. Give Steve and the kids my best and I hope to hear more from you!...WONDERFUL pics of your children...they are beautiful. Don'tcha just LOVE being a mom!!!!

Sally said...

We loved it!! What a performer! :D