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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jazz Game Date Night

Regrettably, no pictures.. :( And, after what we saw, we TOTALLY regretted not taking the camera with us (they're not permitted in the Energy Solutions Arena anyway, but it would have been worth a try!).

Steve got some AWESOME tickets to see the Jazz play tonight, so we went and were 10 rows from the floor - best seats ever at an NBA game! It was such a good game - really close the whole time and I don't think I've ever gotten so worked up at a game before. We had tons of fun! But, the highlight was definitely all that we were able to see that we normally wouldn't have been able to. We could see everything that was going on with the Cavaliers' time outs and got quite a view when LeBron James was standing there picking the heck out of his nose! Oh, to have had our camera. He would seriously pick, and then look at his fingers, and then pick again. Here's the superstar of the sport right in front of us, picking his nose! Insane!

Anyway, the game was great.. we lost. :( We had tons and tons of fun, though. And, we won a t-shirt, thanks to Steve's height. :) They were sent down from the ceiling of the arena with little parachutes and he was able to grap one.

We also went to Crown Burger before the game which was super yummy. I wasn't even able to finish my Jr. Burger.. good stuff! A little tip for those of you going to Jazz games out here - if you go to Crown Burger before the game and spend a minimum of $14, which is totally easy to do with 2 people, you get free parking in their lot. Pretty sweet and totally worth it.

So, that was our night. It was SO fun getting out just the two of us with no kids in tow. I'm so grateful to have found a good sitter whom the kids love! I've needed a night like this for so long!

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Mom said...

Yeah, it's good to have a date with "hubby" every once in a while. It helps keep the romance in your lives. And being away from little feet occasionally is good too, to remember that you really are an adult yourself. I'm glad you had such a great time.
Love you