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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Night I Almost Peed My Pants

I had a fun little experience last night that will forever go down in laughable history.

I had put off taking the garbage cans out during the day and went outside at dusk to do it. It was a GORGEOUS night! Not even a chill in the air. So there I was all la-di-da down my loooong driveway with the recycling can when I see this car drive slowly in front of our house, pass the drive way, back up, and then pull IN to our drive way. Now, I totally am a fan of Ogden, but it doesn't come without fear, especially when it's getting dark and I'm out alone. So, my thoughts were: 1st - they're looking at the house next door (it's for sale), 2nd - Um.... 3rd - Oh Crap! I'm usually not that paranoid, but I didn't recognize the car and the way he passed and pulled back to pull into my drive when he saw me freaked me out. So, there I stopped dead in my tracks by our front porch stairs as the car pulled up to me. The window rolls down and this HUGE guy leans out and says "Hi." (By the way, I can't see jack when it's getting dark..) I respond, very nervously, "Hi..." and he replies with "Is your husband home?" "UMMMMMMM..." At this point I had backed up completely up the stairs with the recycling can between me and the car and, depending on the next question, was ready to make a run for it. Then he leaned out his window a bit more, and said "It's Gary." Ugh! Gary is Steve's friend who he goes boxing with (one of Steve's new things that he LOVES!) and he came by to see if Steve would go to the gym with him. I proceeded to tell him how much he scared me and led him into the house.

The irony of it is that Gary is a police officer, so I couldn't have been more safe! Steve thought it was all very funny and came home from boxing with some good self defense tips for me to use next time I'm in a 'questionable' situation. :)


Kara said...

That's funny! :)

I'm paranoid too, so I probably would have done the same thing. :)

Crystal and Dustun said...

it would have been funny if when he asked you if your husband was home if you went running and yelling flaring your arms back into the hose. awwwww, he would have been in is car thinking what the......?
Boxing heh, that is so cool, it is a major workout.

Mom said...

Pretty good story. But it's best to be on guard. You did good.
By the way, I sent you an email. I hope you got it. And I mailed the package today.
Love you

Tara said...

I can totally picture you! Don't worry I've had some embarrassing freak out moments involving cold meds and phone calls from my brother-in-law where I was like Mike who??? hahaha!