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Friday, March 6, 2009

To Sleep.. To Dream


First off, I hope I don't sound like I'm whining about being a mom. I love being a mom more than anything and I adore my children. I'm just really really tired.

Let's just say that if you're female, and live in my house, you haven't slept a lot this week. The last 4 out of 5 or 6 (I can't remember any more) nights have been awful. Kathrynn has a rash on her back that is causing her a ton of discomfort and we just figured out what was causing all of this yesterday.

Kathrynn typically doesn't wake at night, but when she does it's usually very easy to get her to go to sleep. Not this week. A typical night starts with her going to bed easily, but is followed, several hours later, by a blood-curling scream that can only be comforted by holding until she falls asleep - which can take anywhere between 1 and 3 hours.

The first night I thought it was just a bad dream, but was floored by how difficult it was to get her to sleep. The second night I thought maybe it was 2-year molars coming in. The third night consisted of two 3-hour holding episodes with a 1 hour break for sleep between them. At this point I was still thinking maybe it was the molars and tried Infant IB.. didn't work. Then yesterday, I was getting her dressed and noticed a huge rash on her back (that a couple of days before was a dry patch on her shoulder). I called her doctor and the suggested Eucerine for her back, so I rubbed her back with it for like half an hour last night - let me tell you, SHE LOVED IT. But, then it came time for sleep. She woke up at 1 a.m., screaming again. I held her until 3, when she finally fell back asleep and put her to bed. Half an hour later, we were back up until about 5, then up again at 5:30 until 6 or 6:30. That last time I rubbed her back with more lotion and put her down. She slept until 10, so that helped a little this morning since she's decided she's anti-nap now, no matter how tired she is.

The problem here (besides the obvious lack of sleep), is that you have the GIRLS of the house sleep deprived. So, we have Kathrynn, who is being hyper-sensitive about everything because she so wiped out and me, who usually does EVERYTHING and can currently hardly function. Ugh.

Our wonderful doctor called this morning (she is seriously awesome) to check on Kathrynn and suggested Benedryl, which we will try tonight to see if we can get some rest in. Wish us luck! :)


Smile said...

We can't live without Eucerine (well, actually, i use equate brand, but it works the same.) i have to lather it all over both of my son's bodies after every bath- and on their faces a couple times a day. otherwise they are itchy itchy little boys. sorry it has been soooo terrible for you! have you tested her for any allergies?

Smile said...

oh, and when it's really bad, i also use Aquaphor baby ointment. it's greasy stuff, but it works good. (it's made by Eucerine)

Mom said...

Oh the woes of motherhood. Sorry to hear you're having so many sleepless nights. Poor baby. It must really hurt. Have you found out what the rash is from yet? I remember you got a rash when you ate Frankinberry cereal (was that the name?)strawberry flavored. I hope both of you manage to get relief real soon.
Love you

Kathy said...

Love Benedryl. Hope that it works. I got your blog address from Christine Nelson by the way. Sorry you are going on so little sleep. It is hard to be a nice and patient mom when you are so tired. We are pregnant with our 4th and we just found out it's a boy. OUr other kids are very excited. Hope you get some sleep soon. If you want to pop in on us our blog is