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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where was I...

20 years ago I...
1. Was 10 and WAY excited about the double digits thing.
2. Went swimming constantly and actually had a tan.
3.Knew how to ride a bike. Believe it or not, that's something I forgot..

10 years ago I...
1. Was a junior at Southern Utah University, majoring in interpersonal communication and broadcasting - changed to advertising later that year.
2. Met my favorite roommate in college (Rosi). :)
3. Worked as a morning show co-host at the college radio station, KSUU.

5 years ago I....
1. Got married. :)
2. Lived in New Braunfels, TX.
3. Lost a lot of weight really easily. It was awesome, wish I could do it again!!!

3 years ago I....
1. Had Joseph. :)
2. Quit my job doing Public Relations at Frost & Sullivan.
3. Sang at the San Antonio temple dedication ceremony.

1 year ago I....
1. Had Kathrynn. :)
2. Moved from San Antonio to Logan.
3. Flew by myself with two small children.

So far this year I have...
1. Moved 4 times.
2. Gone back to work doing PR and quit my job.
3. Learned how to be a better homemaker.

Yesterday I...
1. Was kind of a bum. It was rainy and that kind of weather always makes me want to be a bum. :)
2. Went to a hot dog/marshmallow roast a some friends' house.
3. Successfully roasted a hot dog over a fire pit while holding Kathrynn.

Today I...
1. Pulled weeds in our yard.
2. Went to the library.
3. Signed the papers to close the sell of our house - yea!

Tomorrow I will...
1. Hopefully no longer be a home owner. :)
2. Go to the park with the kids.
3. Have pizza at a friend's house.

In the next year I may....
1. Recreate stability in our family.
2. Build up our food storage.
3. Get back in shape.

In the next 5 years...
1. Get into a (hopefully) final house.
2. Have another baby.
3. Have a calm and serene life.. keeping my fingers crossed for that one. :)


Sarah said...

Cool! I loved reading your timeline!!!

Sandra said...

Yay!! You sold your house?!? That's awesome!

Rosanna said...

I loved your timeline, especially the part about meeting your favorite roommate? Is that really true? I love you too! Thanks for the compliment. I loved having you as a roommate as well. Also, congratulations on your house! That's wonderful! I'm sure it's such a relief to not have to worry about that mortgage. Love your blog.