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Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Little Accident

Isn't that pretty?
Yesterday we packed up the kids and headed down to Ogden to run a few errands. We had a really fun day and were done with everything we set out to do. I packed the kids in the car and Steve was a couple of car lengths away, talking to someone. As I shut Joseph's door, I somehow missed the fact that my pinkie was still between the door and the door frame when the door actually shut. Note: please always be sure that you don't have finger/hands/appendages in the door when closing a car door - it really hurts.
Anyway, mommy adrenaline forced me to yank my finger out after I shut the door on it. We're still not sure if this made things worse, but Steve's still in shock that I actually did such a thing - you know, rather than calmly opening the door and taking my finger out. The doctor said she doesn't think it would have made a difference, the damage was already done. I broke my fingernail down close to the quick and bled profusely all over the street. It was lovely. Steve asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital in Ogden and I (thinking it couldn't be that bad) said "No, let's get the kids to Grandma and Grandpa's house and go to the InstaCare in Logan." I was crazy. So, we wrapped my hand in a diaper (they are, after all, very absorbent) and drove back to Logan.
After several hours of numbing, prodding, x-rays, etc., we learned that I broke my finger in two places and cut it down to the bone (we actually SAW my bone). Amazing, huh? So, they took my entire finger nail off and I got 5 stitches in the tissue under my fingernail. So, I have a nail less, broken pinkie on my left hand (I'm left handed). It'll be about a month's recovery - when I can take the splint off - and a couple of months before I have a whole fingernail again. I'm forbidden to get it wet, which means I have to wear a latex glove on my hand when I shower and I can't bathe the kids or do dishes or anything like that. Darn. I'm also on antibiotics and some serious pain medication. I haven't felt too much pain since they wrapped it yet, but we haven't changed the dressing yet (which should be horrible) and my nerves haven't started healing.. I heard that should be pretty bad.

So, that's my story. I'm pretty good at hurting myself, huh? :) I have to say, though, Steve was awesome and totally there for me through the whole thing. He was very helpful and put a lot of effort into making me laugh. I'm so grateful I'm married to him. :)


Alexa said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry about your pinkie, Julie! I hope it doesn't hurt too much as it gets better. At least you don't have to do the dishes! ;)

Christine Nelson said...

Ummm... OUCH!!! That is crazy. I have had my hand slammed in a door before, but I have never heard of anyone breaking anything from it! Much less cutting to the bone. You must have one heck of a pain tolerance.

Yeah for no dishes are bathing children! Although in my house that means the dishes won't get done and the children will stay dirty.... Maybe you should ask the RS for some help for the next month....

Tell Steve and Drew I said hi! And kiss those darling babies! I'm sure Joseph would not like being referred to as a baby though. Just don't tell him I said it.

The writer and the singer said...

dang girl. That sounds painful! Enjoy your break from doing dishes and have Steve give you sponge baths;)