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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Utah Food Co-Op

One of my friends introduced me to an organization here in Utah that does a food co-op that is just AWESOME! I got everything above for $23. Everything is local, so you're supporting local organizations and you get everything for about half the normal cost. Best of all, everything was GREAT quality.
This month's shared includes:
2 lb chicken breasts
1 lb beef stew meat
1 lb pork spare ribs
1 lb lean ground beef
5 lb Red Potatoes
6 oranges
6 apples
1 bunch green onions
1 head red leaf lettuce
3 artichokes
1 package mushrooms
8 kiwi
1 loaf Stone Ground Artisan Wheat Bread
16 oz rice

There is no hardship requirement to join this group - all that you have to do is dedicate 2 hours a month to service to qualify. Most church callings more than cover that!
If you're in Utah and want more info about it, go HERE.


Kara said...

ooh. I'm jealous.

Smile said...

Did you go to the pole dancing place to pick up?? let's take a class ;)!!

Julie said...

I did pick it up there and it totally cracked me up!! The music in the background totally added to the atmosphere.. :)

Crystal and Dustun said...

ok so i am going shopping with you when i get back!

Mom said...

Just curious. What do you do with artichokes? That's something I've never eaten before.
Love you

Sandra said...

I've been here 4 times to get the link and keep getting distracted! I am totally looking into the one in Provo. Thanks for the tip!