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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Festivities

We had a fun time this Valentine's Day! Joe was SO excited about a new holiday and we were busy making and delivering valentines and treats.

We had heart pancakes with strawberry syrup and pink milk for breakfast. Pink milk is now Joe's new addiction. He has to have it every day now. :)

The kids and I made brownie hearts for their friends. They had more fun eating the leftover batter than they did making the brownies. :) I, unforunately, forgot to get a picture of the brownies before dropping them off, but they were way cute! :)

1 comment:

Crystal and Dustun said...

ok so this post is so unfair, I don't think Abigail likes when i eat chocolate so i have cut it for my diet, then you post about yummy brownies, so not nice!
The kids are so cute!