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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Utah, the State of Highly Motivated People

Every morning I get up way earlier than I would like to go workout at the gym. And, it's not like I jump out of bed, filled with enthusiasm and energy, or that I am by any means a morning person, it's just the only feasible time for me to do this.
So, this morning as I got to the gym I noticed that the parking garage was remarkably full. Then, when I walked in I saw a TON of people working out. What was the deal?! It was 6:15 a.m. So, as I checked in at the front desk, I mentioned to the guy working this morning that it was really busy and he told me that when he got there to open the doors at 4:50 this morning that there was a line of about 25 people at the doors. And, since then he had had over 200 people check in. That's 200 people in an hour and half BEFORE 6:15 a.m. HELLO!!!!

Maybe this is why Utah is so high up in the healthiest states list.. and why they can charge so much more for memberships in Utah than they do in Texas - the demand is higher, so they can push the prices up so much higher, and NOT provide free childcare like they do in Texas - which is the only reason why I go at 6, by the way.

Now, sure, I am one of those crazy people who gets up ridiculously early to go work out every day, but I HAVE TO!! I was just amazed at how many people were up and out of their beds at the gym this morning!


Emily said...

I get up insanely early too--not cause I want to, but same thing, it's just the only feasible time to go. You can feel good about the fact that YOU are one of those highly motivated people too!

Mom said...

Well, I guess you can say I was pretty motivated this morning too, and most mornings--not cause I really want to, but I gotta keep up with my 72 year old husband who never seems to stop. I managed to clear the weeds out around 5 trees, get 3 wheel barrels of dirt and fill in around 3 trees that needed it, plant a bunch of Vinca seeds (they grow year round here) and water it all. Got my exercise in too. Whew!! Keep up the good work. Love ya bunches.
Oh, I'm getting ready to send you a package next week.:^)