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Monday, April 14, 2008

First Park Trip This Year!!

We had a GLORIOUS day today!! The weather was unbelievably perfect - it actually got up to 75!! So, to celebrate we got out and went to the park. It's our favorite park in Logan and is only a block away. When I told Joseph that we were going his face lit up like I haven't seen it before. He was SO excited!!

Kathrynn had her first ride in the swings today - and she LOVED it!

Joseph didn't waste any time being adventurous when we got there. Within five minutes I heard him yell, "Mom!" from the highest point of the playground (he's in the blue shirt).

Totally unrelated, but worth writing about.. Kathrynn had me and Steve rolling tonight! Joseph was sitting on Steve's lap for some Daddy time, and Kathrynn was standing beside them and would get a huge smile on her face and then touch Joseph (she knows it bugs him when she touches him - especially when he's on Dad's lap). When he would pull away, she would just laugh. :) She did this over and over and over again, each time getting this huge smile on her face before touching him. She was purposefully trying to bug him! She's a true little sister (and a little too much like her mommy..). :)

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