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Thursday, April 24, 2008

If You Complain About Something Enough...'ll happen anyway.

Looking outside as Steve was getting ready to leave for work this morning..

Looking out my kitchen window at lunch..
The pictures don't really do it justice. It looked like I was sitting in a snow globe at lunchtime.

So, I've decided I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! It can snow every day for the rest of my life. I've come to accept that notion, because it surely seems like that's what's going to happen. Steve and I were talking about it this morning (while shaking our heads) - he said it was never this bad in St. George. I remember it never getting this bad in REXBURG! It's end of term and I remember wearing sandals up there before coming home. Ugh.
So goes the saga of our weather woes in Logan, Utah.


Margie said...

I hate to tell you this, but on the weather station last night they said it could snow all the way up through June up where you are. Down here it's been getting up into the mid to upper 80's, very dry and very windy.
Hang in there. Spring/ summer weather will arrive there eventually.
Love you

Julie said...

Nice. :) More than anything, I'm just frustrated because I have to keep putting my garden off.. :(

Sandra said...

Honestly, this has happened in the past but this is not a usual year, this year has been wetter than the past few years. You will be grateful for all the snow later when we still have water for drinking and watering our lawns and gardens in August. (said like a lifetime Utahn, right?) I've never had a successful garden but there have to be people in Logan who have gardens, ask around in your ward and see what you can do about getting your garden in sooner rather than later, maybe someone knows tricks to keep it from dying in the cold weather.

and p.s. you picked to live in Logan, it's colder and more snowy there than it is in other parts of the state. (like Orem for example) :)

Julie said...

Hey, it's not my fault we're here! :) It's the mother of a certain little girl who made the decision to move up here.. we're just following to be close by. :)
I'd LOVE to be down in Orem, but that would defeat the whole purpose..

Sandra said...

I know, I'm just teasing. And I think Logan is beautiful, I love it there. We actually considered moving there before Joe decided to go into architecture. We can't wait to come visit you this summer and make a trip to bear lake.

Julie said...

I know. :) Today was GORGEOUS! But, I hear it's going to snow again Wednesday.. oh well. That's what we get. :)

I know I'm SO looking forward to a Bear Lake trip this summer! ;)