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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Way back when I worked in Primary a very wise mom told me that changes in the barometric pressure make kids crazy... YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!! My kids have been driving me nuts today! I love them to death and would do anything in the world for them, but I've actually been making an effort the last couple of hours to isolate myself from them. *sad*
Kathrynn's been screaming nonstop and being super sensitive since she woke up this morning. She's asleep now, thank goodness. Hopefully she'll be over her crankiness when she wakes.
Joseph is on a 'my way or the highway' rampage today and everything - I mean EVERYTHING - has required negotiation. Ever negotiated with a 3-year old? That'll make you nuts.
On top of all of this, our beautiful spring is back to being the slushy dreariness it has been for the last 6 months. It will come back, I'm hopeful, but there's something unnatural about putting a big coat on a boy who has pink cheeks from being out in the sun too much. We also had to go on yet another milk run today (because the male members of my family drink milk like it's water and we don't have the room to buy 20 gallons at a time.. a cow would be more effective..), so there I was running as fast as I could with two little kids through the store parking lot as the three of us were pelted by massive lumps of slush. Fun fun.
I'm struggling today. :( Nothing's done. I've been reading blogs to calm myself down and I've - sin of all sins for me - eaten chocolate. sigh.
It WILL get better and I'm kicking myself into cleaning gear NOW and drinking lots of water to get the sugar sludge out of my system...

Just had to vent. :)


Sarah said...

I'm going to quote someone I know you love, "It'll all work out." I'm so sorry you had such a crazy day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Keeping you in my prayers,

Kara said...

I understand completely. Timmy is such a bully lately. He's really testing my sanity.

I can relate!!

Julie said...

Thanks guys! :) Today's much better and I was just being a big baby all together yesterday. Joseph's behaving himself much better and I think Kathrynn must be cutting more teeth or something, because she's super attached.. which has its benefits.. I've gotten like 100 hugs already today. :)
All is well, I was just having a moment of total insanity yesterday and had to vent. :)