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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

This is our tree (note: these are collective gift from all of Steve's family.. not just me and Steve, we could never pull this off):

And this is what Joseph did as soon as he got downstairs. Just cracked me up.. he came up with it all by himself, too. :) I love this little guy!

Then, Joseph proceeded to dump his stocking out, unwrap all of the candy, and place it nicely in a bowl. Nice, healthy breakfast.. :)

Kathrynn totally got into it and loved opening presents!

Joseph's moment of glory - opening up his new train!

His new favorite toy...

...along with Drew's Baby Alive. He really took to it - it was really sweet. (I'm sure he won't be happy that this picture is on the web when he's 12..)

Tuckered out.

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