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Friday, December 7, 2007

One Great Article

The Wall Street Journal posted an article this morning titled "The Book of Romney." It was one of the best articles I've read on him yet - unbiased and looking on all sides of his campaign. My favorite excerpt follows:

Mr. Romney mentioned the word "Mormon" only once, and he was right to steer clear of formal theology or specific practices. Some denominations are leery of -- or openly hostile to -- the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, considering it un-Christian, or even a cult. Surveys indicate that many voters oppose Mr. Romney for this reason, and his speech probably won't do much to convince them otherwise.

How unfortunate it would be if he were rejected on the basis of such irreducible doctrinal differences. The Mormons seem the very embodiment of "family values," and you couldn't invent a religious culture that lived more consistently with Biblical messages. Broadly speaking, most Mormons have, and come from, big families; they're regular churchgoers and give to charity; they don't drink, smoke, gamble or engage in premarital sex. On the scale of American problems, the Mormons don't even register.

You can find the entire article here:

I haven't decided quite yet whether I'm going to vote for Mitt Romney yet, but am very excited about what he's doing and how he's handling the press.

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