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Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kathrynn!!!

My baby is 1 today. It's amazing to me that a year ago today I saw her for the first time and she was just 1/3 of the size she is now and so delicate and fragile.
I love my little girl so much. She makes me smile. She's totally full of spunk and energy and it takes very little to make her smile/laugh/squeal. She's so beautiful and I take it as a huge compliment when people tell me how much she looks like me. I never see it - I think she's way too gorgeous. :)
She's a tough little girl and has endured so much in her little life already and has been so adaptable and cheerful. She's fiercely determined in just about everything she does and definitely has an interesting little sense of humor. She is the BEST hugger ever - just wraps her arms around your neck and squeezes as tightly as she can.
We love her so much and are so grateful to be blessed with her as a fun, spunky little member of our family.
Happy Birthday, Kathrynn!!

Here's her year in pictures:


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Kathrynn!!

The Ringleins said...

Happy Birthday, Kathrynn.

I'm glad you're blessed to have your little ones in your life. My Hope bring me lots of joy too!