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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking for Virtual (or real if you're close) Fitness Challenge Friends

OK, I sort of stole this idea from someone else whom I don't know at all, but sort of stumbled onto their blog through a friend of a friend's blog (this is what I do when I get bored.. blog stalking). Anyway, I devised this little system - and when I'm on it, I do awesome, but I'm getting bored and need some friends to do this with and am sort of hoping for a little fun competition. OK, that's my complete aim. I'm a totally competitive person and I know that if there's someone I have the opportunity to beat at this, I will totally stick to it. My ideal would be to get enough people on the wagon to create teams. But, then there's the issue of what to do when one team wins. Bragging rights? I don't know..
Anyway, here's what I'm doing. You get 1 point for doing one of each of these per day as well as 2 points for each pound lost (I would say tallied at the end of each week because weight fluctuates so much that you can lose and gain throughout a week and then rack up all of these points for nothing..).

Here it is (this is per day):
30 minutes cardio
20 minutes toning
5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables
Eat breakfast
No soda
7 hours of sleep
Take a multivitamin
Drink 64 oz of water
Stop eating at 7:30 p.m.
No sugar
3 servings of dairy
No fried food
Eat only when hungry - this is a tricky one, but I'm trying to retrain my body after months of stress eating
I'm thinking about throwing in 30 minutes of scriptures a day, too - just to keep me on track there.
Maybe add additional points for more time spent working out? Like 1/2 a point for each additional 5 minutes?

Oh, and Sundays are free.. no point counting, just enjoy the day off. :)

Then, whoever has the most points wins, and we're all healthier!

So, what do you think? Anyone want to play? Any ammendmants to this will be considered.


Kara said...

I'm in. :) Great idea!

Julie said...

Yeah! I was starting to lose hope.. :)