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Sunday, March 9, 2008


OK, daylight savings threw me off, and I'm so not ready to be asleep yet, but everyone else in the house is, so I'm bored...
I got this off of Sarah's blog (again). :) Love ya, Sarah!

One word answers (with two words snuck in where one was impossible)

Your Last Weekend: crazy
Smelling: home
Annoyed By: ticking
Your Face: forward
Your Pants: jammies
Something You Want To Create: order
Favorite Old Movie Star: Audrey
Not Looking Forward To: unpacking
Hearing: heater
You Wish You Could: sleep
Last Thing You Cooked: yummy
Your Breakfast: fasted
Your Driving Record: awesome
Last Illness: December
Want To Be: organized
Mind Keeps Wandering To: mindlessness
You Despise: grumps
Unprepared For: lots
Favorite Part Of Spring: flowers
Your Toenails: help!
Proud Of Your: Steve
Not Proud Of Your: week
How You Decompress: walk
Your Kitchen Table: lovely
Something You Want to Accomplish Today: sleep

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