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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hmm.. Pictures Would Be Nice

Just realized that I'm WAY behind on posting pictures, so I'm going to do it all in one shot this time.
My blog(s) are totally neglected, but it was them or the house and I NEED to get everything settled in this place. So, I'm still technically on a hiatus, but am taking a little break to clear out the camera.

Joseph squeezes into our nightstand. He's a talented little guy. :) (sorry it's so dark, couldn't get the dang flash to work!)

Now that's what I call spunk! :)

She's so cute - even if she does get into EVERYTHING!!!

Pretty pictures from the street we live on. These were taken the day we moved. It was a GORGEOUS day in the morning and then, out of nowhere, it just dumped snow.

Kathrynn chillin' in Joe's booster seat.

Same silliness, different day.. :)

I think this is the best smile I have on film (or disk, whatever)..

You can see how mischievious she is in this one..

My baby turns 1 tomorrow. Where in the world did this year go?!


Sarah said...

You have such good lookin' kids! How did that happen? J/K!! They are gorgeous like their mama.

Emily said...

How fun! Your kids are adorable! Good luck with your unpacking and settling and hope your babygirl has a fun birthday!

Kara said...

That means my baby is almost 2! I can't believe it.

Kathrynn is beautiful just like her mommy.

I miss you guys. :)